Corporate Partners Program

Corporations who want to form a very exclusive partnership with West Virginia’s 55 elected Sheriffs can apply to join WVSA’s Corporate Partners Program.

The Corporate Partners Program will provide corporations with a unique advantage because this will be the only program that provides a one-on-one forum where corporations and West Virginia’s Sheriffs can exchange information and collaborate on law enforcement issues. It will provide corporations with the opportunity to showcase their latest products and services on a more intimate level with the Sheriffs and key decision makers. The many personable networking opportunities allow you to build strong relationships with the Sheriffs.

Information on Corporate Partners Program of the West Virginia Sheriffs Association is nearly complete and information should be coming shortly.  If you, or your organization would desire a faster notification on the release of the Corporate Partner’s Program, please email our Executive Director Rodney Miller at and you will be the first to receive the information and availability..